What New Direction is Online Marketing taking in 2021?

Video Marketing will continue to grow

Social media will continue to be a big deal

PPC will evolve

Local social media marketing will develop its own unique identity

Content marketing will continue to be the way to go

Google’s dominance will continue

Data visualization will be everywhere, but not at the expense of design

Mobile will continue to be a centerpiece

AI (Artificial Intelligence) will help businesses make marketing more intelligent

Digital assistants will continue to grow and evolve

Augmented reality will help people get a preview of products

B2B marketing will emerge and grow

Use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) will begin to mature



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Santam Naha

Santam Naha

I’m Santam Naha. I’ve been in the field of IT-ITES/ Computer for almost 16 yrs now. BLOGGING and CONTENT WRITING are the areas that I’m really passionate about.