What is the Best Digital Marketing Strategy for a Homemade Business?

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The strategy can differ from person to person, but generally there are three best methods that you can use to promote your handmade item.

You can buy a paid advertising campaign through Facebook or Google;

Or you could register on Fiverr and find yourself an expert individual who could help get your handmade business off the ground.

Regardless of what strategy you choose, make sure that it is tailored to the audience size and demographic of your specific business.

Marketing is a strategy that needs to be well thought out and planned ahead of time. You need to have a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve and how you will achieve it.

Doing some research online will be very helpful for you in deciding on the best marketing strategy for your handmade product or service.

Browse the internet for tips, advice, help, and sample templates that can help you in creating your own unique promotional materials that will bring business to your door step.


You can choose to market your handmade business by yourself, but it is always nice to have additional help.

The easiest way for a seller to do this is through a marketplace website. There are many websites out there that will help a seller find the right buyer for his product.

There is just a small fee applied while using the website. Some of them are free as well, which you can opt for.

The selling process usually consists of these steps:

  • You list the product on your marketplace account.
  • After you approve a buyer’s payment, the product is shipped.
  • After the buyer receives his shipment, he pays for it.

Back at the marketplace, you mark as successfully sold and earn money from your sale. To find a marketplace that you can use for selling your handmade product, start browsing online for channels that are linked to you or browse around and find one that you would like to use.


Facebook is another great way to market your handmade business. Facebook ads allow you to promote your product and let people know how much you can do for the company.

It gives you an opportunity to show them other products that are similar and give them a small testimonial on how satisfied they are with your product.

It gives you the ability to publish information about its use and how it will benefit their business in return.

This is a type of marketing in which you pay for ads about your product or services. You can directly promote products or services to potential consumers. The cost of a Facebook ad is determined by its targeted audience size and countries where the ads will be seen.


Another method of promoting your handmade business is through Google search engine optimization.

This is a strategy that you can use to search for your own website in the Google search engine, and it will rank it on top of the list, which means that if you want people to know about your services or products, all they have to do is simply type it in the search bar.

Google can help you in achieving great results by giving you the ability to make your site more visible in search engines.

It is a well-known fact that over 80% of internet traffic happens because of Google searches and for this reason, it is essential that your handmade product or service have an excellent ranking.

That’s right!

There are many ways to market your handmade business, but the best thing you can do is to create a business plan that includes all the steps involved. This is a very important and simple yet effective way to promote your product.

Always remember that marketing do not have to be expensive, they can also be free. You can try out different strategies as you learn more and more about the industry and how you can sell your products. All we need is action!

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