How important is Content in a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Image by Diggity Marketing from Pixabay

Content marketing is one of the most effective and efficient ways to grow your business, influence consumers and build relationships with your target audience.

It’s been said that content is king because it creates desire.

When we learn something new or experience a new feeling, our brain releases dopamine — so in some respects, the higher the quality of content you create (interesting, informative), the stronger that dopamine response will be and thus higher chance of making someone’s day.

If you are a blogger, you know how important quality content is in gaining exposure and gaining readers.

Being able to create very informative and engaging articles that your audience will find useful is key. Having good content to promote your brand and products is even more important as it connects the two together.

Aside from the quality of content, being able to share valuable information about your website and products with the public will also assist in increasing traffic to your blog.

As a content marketer, it is very important to understand what constitutes good content.

From my experience, following are the steps that make up a great article:

1. The opening paragraph is the most important. It sets the tone for the entire article and provides an introduction to what the article will be about.

This paragraph should be short but concise, and it should state something interesting and unique about your article which will grab the reader’s attention.

2. The second paragraph or two should provide a summary of what you just said in your first paragraph. (This will help your reader retain what you are about to tell them.)

3. From here, you should provide a very detailed and informative explanation of the topic you are covering, using accurate and relevant information.

Ideally, you should be able to provide at least five pieces of information that your reader has not heard before. You need to create interest by providing knowledge your audience did not know or is interested in learning about.

4. The conclusion should be a restatement of the main points of your article. Here, you should reiterate the key information that you put throughout the body of your article.

This will help your reader to remember what you discussed in a well-organized manner.

5. Finally, the closing sentence should be a call to action. It should encourage the reader to take action by linking back to your website or social media profiles.



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Santam Naha

I’m Santam Naha. I’ve been in the field of IT-ITES/ Computer for almost 16 yrs now. BLOGGING and CONTENT WRITING are the areas that I’m really passionate about.